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Pier Durk Hogeterp

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Pier Durk Hogeterp

Pier Durk is a well-seasoned mastering engineer with credits earned at the Saint of Sound mastering facility and the Wisseloord Studio’s. Pier-Durk is a pioneer in high-end in the box mastering. Pier-Durk and Erik worked on many projects together. And when Pier-Durk moved back to Friesland they teamed-up again and created his very much desired private mastering studio in Pier-Durk’s house.
Again, space was limited and Pier-Durk insisted on a less-is-more approach. EV-Acoustics took the challenge and created a design that would fit those requirements.

The back-wall is covered with large vinyl membranes, the front-wall is filled with high density fibre-glass, and as you can see the side walls are treated with rather thin absorbers, placed at the first reflection points. Slightly behind the listening position are 2 poly-diffusers that take care of a flutter and create a room that is well treated and not dead sounding at all!


Pier Durk Hogenterp


Ferwoude, The Netherlands


Mastering Room




April 19, 2016